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Silk Body Bar, Fragrance Free Heart Solid Lotion

Silk Body Bar, Fragrance Free Heart Solid Lotion

Fragrance Free Silk Body Bar, Heart Shaped Solid Lotion Bar with real silk. The heart shaped bar is 2 ounces and is gift wrapped in it's own tin.
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    The unscented silk body bar is great for those with sensitivity to fragrances. There is a mild nutty scent and the texture is fine and silky. The heart shaped bars come wrapped in decorative film inside of a gift tin for safe keeping. Just remove and rub on the skin, then rub into the skin. It's a real treat!

    Silk Body Bars are a wonderful treat for you and contain real silk amino acids, Silk Amino Acid is the mixture of the amino acids that are the product of the total hydrolysis of silk. Amino Acids are the substances that build the body, not only repairing tissue and building cells but fighting viruses and bacteria. They aid in moisture absorbtion and protection of the skin. And feels great!

    The other wonderful ingredients of these bars is Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Babassu Butter, Camellia Oil and Vitmain E, as well as beeswax.

    Ingredients: shea butter, babassu butter, silk amino acids, silk, camellia oil, essential oil, cocoa butter

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