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Organic Eucalyptus Orange Artisan Soap with Coconut Oil

Organic Eucalyptus Orange Artisan Soap with Coconut Oil

This organic shea butter soap is a great one to wake up to each morning. It is vibrant and spicy with the herbal scent of eucalyptus essential oil and tart sweetness of orange essential oil for balance. Both will refresh your senses aromatically and are wonderfully antiseptic, and antibacterial.The soap is beautiful with teal green and orange swirls over a white body that is bubbly and moisturizing. It contains a generous amount of coconut milk for nourishing skincare, as well as organic shea butter and organic cocoa butter lend their conditioning qualities.

The big bar is approximately 5 ounces and can be a wonderful part of your daily skincare regimen.

This listing is for one 5 oz. bar of soap.

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    Naturally colored, no artificial fragrance, no animal oils, all natural and organic ingredients.
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