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Lavender Organic Spa Floral Gift Tin

Lavender Organic Spa Floral Gift Tin

This lovely tin with organic Lavender handmade soap and lavender whipped body butter makes a fantastic gift. A shower puff, and hand painted bamboo apple shaped soap dish is included in the oval decorative Flowers and Garden tin.

The Lavender Oatmeal organic shea butter soap and Lavender organic Shea Souffle’ are wonderfully natural. The organic soap has been formulated with organic oils in addition to shea butter as the primary ingredient. The organic oils of coconut oil, olive oil, palm kernel oil and cocoa butter are balanced to give your skin the most nourishing moisture, while gently cleansing. Lavender essential oil is a natural fragrance with a aromatherapy properties and a fresh scent. A layer of oatmeal soap adds a reparative quality as oatmeal is a soothing skin additive.

The shea souffle’ is also formulated for the ultimate in moisture, lightly absorbing into the skin without a greasy feeling. Shea soufflé is light enough for daily use and gives a protective quality to the skin with just a small amount. The basket also contains pure shea butter in a 2 ounce jar that can be used for your most dry and rough skin areas, such as heels and elbows to relieve those areas over time.

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