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Organic Calendula Oatmeal Shea Butter Soap with Coconut Milk

Organic Calendula Oatmeal Shea Butter Soap with Coconut Milk

A great bar for sensitive skin. Calendula is an herb that is commonly know as marigold. In this soap, the dried petals are ground and mixed with organic steel cut oats then blended with ground chamomile flowers
for a very mild, conditioning bar. Many believe the calendula to have very healthy affects of the skin with regular use. Oatmeal is also helpful for dry, itchy skin or sensitive skin.

This bar also includes coconut milk for additional soothing and mild cleansing. Men and women love this soap because it's a big bar full of great natural ingredients that are so good for all skin types.
  • Details

    The soap includes more shea butter and cocoa butter, which have fantastic emollient and moisturizing properties. Terrific lather just make it even more appealing and can be used for shampoo, but rinse well!

    This soap is unscented and made from organic oils and butters. There are no artificial ingredients no preservatives. It is completely handmade from scratch by cold process method and hand cut and cured for several weeks. Handmade soap only gets better with age!
    This bar is large (approximately 5-6 oz.) and should last long if kept out of tub or shower water and left to dry when not in use.
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