Organic Alpaca Honey Soap with Activated Charcoal

Organic Alpaca Honey Soap with Activated Charcoal

This soap is great for keeping skin free of toxins and is antibacterial and very helpful for acne prone skin and large pores. The soap contains an earthy and antiseptic spicy citrus blend of Tea Tree, Peppermint, Sweet Orange and Cedarwood Essential oils.
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    A layer of activated charcoal is swirled into the soap and is known for clarifying problem skin and removing toxins associated with acne and large pores. It is refreshing and moisturizing due to the base of the soap containing honey, which draws moisture to the skin and helps elasticity. Organic Shea butter and organic cocoa butter are fabulously healing to the skin and balance moisture as well.

    Organic coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, organic palm oil, and organic sunflower oils are all included which have wonderful properties in soap that will help keep your skin clean and clear.

    HONEY is natural skin emollient which draws moisture and feeds the skin with nutrients. Honey attracts the dirt from skin pores and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Your skin will feel clean and refreshed without any dryness and it’s warm fragrance is natural from the honey.

    CHARCOAL-Charcoal has been used since ancient times to cleanse and remove toxins. Even today it is used in the medical field as a poison antidote and in water filtration and purification. The absorptive properties in charcoal are great and it is able to draw toxins out of the skin, which is the cause of blemishes and other skin issues.

    Materials: organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, honey, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, activated charcoal, organic castor oil, organic sunflower oil, tea tree essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, peppermint essential oil, organic palm oil
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